Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rings of Saturn, Knight Open, Monday Night at the Museum (1973)

Yesterday, while I was having dinner I had a conversation with a stunning grad student from Radcliffe, (a or b cup, but tight jeans), so I decided to go to the Square this afternoon and be back in time to see the flowerchild that would be here. Her way of phrasing was instead of "They have them at Harvard, but I'm not involved", her grammar was "It happens".
(I was once in a discussion about a Harvard doctor with another doctor that was a little higher than him that knew I hoped to be a writer and he had said, "He can't read" in reference to the other doctor- you know I just thought of it but my responsibility was the word thermometer, as part of the comprehension level.)
My platonic female acquaintance was on the train and was the nicest she has ever been to me and gave it 'a nice to see you'.
I had a game of chess, but for the fun I opened with a knight, moved a pawn into board control and then got the knight backward left into the pawn's space. It gave me the queen to play queenplayer later. Without the clock, it was my fastest game, which was intended.
Different flowergirl, one that was decidedly taken.
Then I saw Saturn through a telescope- to be honest with you, the rings actually look blue. I didn't meet anyone there. New experiences on the same vista in order to write?

Scott Lord