Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fogg Art Museum Murders-Missing correspondent found.

The correspondent I spoke with has been found- while filming her I thought she worked for ween. She is in fact Meghan Camara and is the weather Executive Producer for WEBN.TV. I happened to have introduced my new temp mentor on youtube.
In the meantime, you know exactly what happenned. I became minorly ill and skipped a week of weightlifting and continued to skip poetry readings. But, I filmed videos that went to YouTube. Here is the UPwardly-what-it-is-mobile-scoop: the church members asked for no-filming during their service privacy or anonymity. Request. The only quote would be from the minister, "You can't deny a man a bible." "BIBBLE!" Well, you remember from Hamilton Dow and the Memorial Hall Murder that I should know not to claim that they were using faith healing. What I would need to know on that basis is that it concerns Jesus at Gethsemene. Where's Jennifer? Singing at the Episcopal; one secret I do have is that I donot put blonds and redheads together at the drop of a hat, therefore, wer'e not "seeing each other". Were's Laura? Bless her, she's a good woman.
I'll send the poetry to Rod McKuen if we can get me back to the weight room.


postscript, an old friend of mine named Tony from Gordon Conwell Seminary around the time that we landed on the moon said,"The Bank doesn't make pizzas and we don't cash checks." You can pray anywhere Mr. Page, even in a field. I just hope you know where half the time.
By the way Professor Moriarity, I bought a duplicate of her jewelry box months ago-you shouldn't go into a married man's room so often. It came with her hope chest.

You know, I just saw The Boston Globe and I'm not going to use the obcesity after meeting her. (Get me someone that wants to write a paper) and no, I don't care how tough the Vatican thinks it is- I'm not going to use the obscenity.
And since you brought it up, my little friend Renee had no pubic hair when she was eight years old- fourty years ago.

Ps. You know what I needed to ask you.