Friday, February 18, 2011

An Erotic Trailer, written by Scott Lord, webcamera edit first motif

I'm revising the earlier versions. The film in the green box cost $5.36 when I bought it. Mine was regular 8 and I had to order my copy when super 8 came in; I would splice three boxes to one 300ft reel. But my labtop doesn't seem to need new discs, so it seems like a bottomless cup. Some of the films were divided into two movies, this, Doom of Dracula, was the first half of House of Frankenstien. The other boxes, or course still represent Bergman's magic Lantern, but are VHS and DVD. The girl in the kaledescope, Lena Nyman has passed away since I filmed, she appears on the bookjacket of a Grove Press and I will include her on the cover of a paperback sometime.


Scott Lord